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Luxurry 7/8 Straight Razor. Gentleman's Gifts
Spartacus Straight Razor Shaving Australia
Best Straight Razor Australia

Thiers Issard - 7/8 Spartacus Walnut

Regular price $395.00

A beautiful 7/8 Spartacus

This razor is Spectacular

 The Thiers Issard 7/8 Mirror Polished Razors are just beautiful, elegant lines, shave superb and when paired with Walnut Scales and a Spartacus Blade Mark makes this our best selling 7/8 Straight Razor Australia.

The Best 7/8 Straight Razor?

This razor has the same blade as the more expensive 7/8 mirror polished razors, but with the Walnut Scales the overall cost is reduced. The Walnut Handle has a beautiful timber grain detail and the Square Nose gives this Straight Razor a wicked feeling.

Looking for a really top quality straight razor?

All Thiers Issard Razors are made by hand in France by true craftsmen and each razor is superb to use.

Made in France