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5/8 Beginner Straight Razor
Men's cut throat razor Australia

Thiers Issard - 5/8 Straight Razor with Bocotte Scales

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A Beautiful Straight Razor

This razor is very elegant in its simplicity, a clear satin polished blade (no mark) with detailed grain Bocotte scales give you a most satisfying razor. It is one of our favourite in our Best Straight Razors for Beginners.

Easy to use Straight Razor

The 5/8 size and the round nose of Thiers Issard Singing Blade make this an easy to use razor, whether you are looking to start with a straight razor or are after an easy to use blade, this is a well proportioned razor.

Really want to choose the right Straight Razor

Made from Cargonsong C135 Steel unique to Thiers Issard with a 1196 style the blade is polished to a satin finish. This razor allows a number of qualities for ease of use;

  • easy to control 5/8 blade
  • forgiving round nose
  • elegant Bocotte Scales

Made in Thiers, France