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Luxury Badger Shaving Brush Australia; Gentleman's Gift
Gentleman's Shaving Brush Travel Wrap

Sam & Son - 28mm Best Badger Shaving Brush + Travel Wrap

Regular price $240.00

A Mans Shaving Brush

This is a huge shaving brush filled with a wonderful Best Badger.

Ergonomic Handle;

Turned from Teak Hardwood, the same timber used for luxury boats and yachts. This handle looks and feels great to use.

Best Badger is a favourite for many men, those who are looking for a great shaving brush but are not wanting the excessive luxury of a Silvertip Shaving Brush. Best Badger has the Best properties:

  • Firmness (not soft, floppy and squishy)
  • Luxurious Feel (but not quite like Silvertip)
  • Fan Shape (accentuates the luxury feel)
  • Lathers Superbly

Leather Travel Wrap Included

Of course we are providing this shaving brush to you with an elegant leather travel wrap to ensure your Sam & Son Shaving Brush is protected when you travel.

Australian Made