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German Strop Paste

German Strop Paste

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Two Grades of Pasting

Strop paste with a 1st (coarse) and 2nd (fine) paste for stropping.

Recommend a dedicated strop for this 2-paste Stropping Method.

The Stropping Method;

First use the medium RED paste to gently sharpen your Straight Razor, then use the BLUE paste after the RED to prepare your razor for stropping.

Dedicated Strop;

Most men use a dedicated pasting strop for this German Paste. Often a Single Leather Strop, using the back side for one paste (RED) and the front side for the fine paste (BLUE). Before moving to a finishing strop (either linen before leather, or straight onto leather).

Extended Use

Many men choose this option to extend the use of their razor before it is require to meet a hone, The stropping paste is a cutting compound and will ever so slightly sharpen the blade when you strop with it. Stropping alone will not sharpen your razor, Stropping only prepares the edge for your shave. 

After Stropping paste, you need to strop your razor on a natural (clean) strop, to prepare it for your shave.

Made in Germany