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Your First Straight Razor Shave

The easiest way to Learn to use a Straight Razor

A Straight Razor used to be the only way to shave, during this time, young men learnt to shave with a Straight Razor, this was when a young man's stubble was soft, now we are starting to learn this technique later in life when our stubble is not so soft and it makes learning this shaving technique more of a challenge.

Beginner Straight Razor Shaving

Start by shaving your side burns, maybe your cheeks (leave your left cheek if you are right handed and vice versa). The moment you feel uncomfortable, put the straight razor down and finish off with whatever razor you are currently using. Do this for the next few days, as you do this you are learning about blade angle and the correct pressure.

Then move onto your neck, pull the skin of your jaw line onto the flat of your cheek, top and bottom lip and your chin. There is no need to try to shave your whole face the first time. Starting in a controlled way builds confidence and gains experience. This is easier if you have a soft beard as a younger man, but as it stands, we are learning today. When you feel uncontrolled or uncomfortable, put the Straight Razor down and finish with your current razor.

In about 2 week you should be able to shave your whole face and be presentable enough to go to work. If you need, run your current razor over your face after the straight razor, just to tidy your shave up, if you still need, no problem.

This can not be learnt without practice.

Give this method a go and let me know if it works for you.