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Sam & Son

Leather Shaving Acessories

Luxury Shaving Brushes and Accessories

Sam and Son is an Australian manufacturer of Shaving Brushes and Leather Shaving Accessories.

 Shaving Brushes Australia

The Sam and Son range of Shaving Brushes are made form the finest Badger Hair we can source. Our most luxurious is Silvertip Badger Hair, it delivers a superbly soft luxurious lather and is most agreeable to use. Our Shaving Brushes work best when you use a generous amount of shaving cream to fill the brush head into a full bloom. 

Large vs Small Shaving Brush

Sam & Son 22mm vs 28mm Silvertip Shaving Brushes

We source our badger hair from a number of different providers in China (where all the worlds commercial Badger Hair is from).

Leather Razor Strops

Maintaining the edge of your straight razor is a pleasure when using a razor strop made from premium leather. Selection of Stropping Leather is critical; we mostly use Cordovan Shell or Kangaroo Leather, any defects are marked on the leather, these can include (especially for the Kangaroo) scars, marks, wrinkles, un-even thicknesses, to ensure these are not used for the stropping leather. Strop edges are skived (top edge cut off) and not burnished as burnishing leaves a hard edge; not suitable for stropping.

We manufacture each strop, if there is a style you like, we can make it for you. We often make custom or bespoke strops for our customers.

Our best strops are made from a special type of Kangaroo Leather or Cordovan Shell.

Hand Stitched Razor Strop

Leather Razor Accessories

 Stylish Leather Pouches and Wraps for your Shaving Gear, Handmade, Hand Stitched Leather, Custom or Bespoke. Let us know what we can do for you.

We love to use Kangaroo Leather with our own Blue Kangaroo Suede for our 

Kangaroo Leather Straight Razor Pouch with Crocodile Detail

Sam & Son

Made in Queensland, Australia